white tesla

A few weeks back, I noticed something unique yet consistent each time I would venture out on a drive. A white Tesla.

It started like this.

One day I was driving when I noticed a white Tesla going the opposite direction. I recall my reaction as something like this: “Huh, a white Tesla.” Okay, of course, Teslas are not new, and I have seen them plenty of times on the road before.

I didn’t think anything more about it.

A few days later, I was driving again. Going the opposite direction once again was a white Tesla. At first I thought, well this must be the same time of day as when I saw the Tesla a few days prior. However, it was a different time of day on a completely different road.

And each time I went out for a drive in the days following the above encounters, guess what happened? Yep, I saw a white Tesla.

I shared this with Amanda. She reminded me that we had discussed the idea of getting a Tesla a while back once certain milestones are achieved.

Fast forward to our adventure to Nashville, TN. We were walking around some shops one day. I heard someone say “Hey, Jon” and I turned to see who it was. While I did not recognize the person, guess what was pulling out of a parking spot right behind this person?

A white Tesla.

I grabbed Amanda and just pointed. We both laughed.

This has continued often ever since. Each time it happens, I laugh and smile.

Then yesterday, I was in an important meeting discussing some key milestones. From my seat, I could see outside to the street. At one point, my attention was distracted from the discussion because I saw a car parked outside our meeting location.

A white Tesla.


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