strange days

The last few months have been a bit strange for me.

Strange days

From The Doors:

Strange days have found us
And through their strange hours
We linger alone
Bodies confused
Memories misused
As we run from the day
To a strange night of stone

I don’t know what the lyrics to that song meant to Jim Morrison. And I do feel the strange days in my world.

And I do sort of know how this came to be.

Once upon a time several years ago, I founded a software company. During the first few years, I wore many hats and roles as we busted ass to grow this company. As the company grew, some of the hats and roles changed. The “to do” list constantly grew. The needs to address seemed endless at times.

Yet the time, effort, energy, blood, sweat, and tears made a difference. The company started gaining a ton of industry notice, traction, and momentum. And this was the entire point, I guess.

As the growth continued, it became very obvious that we should hire specialists to take over some of the hats and roles that some of the key executives and I were managing. That decision was like pouring jet fuel on an already very strong fire. The results for the business have been amazing. As a result of bringing in specialists, that meant I had fewer hats, fewer roles.

It took some time, at least for me, to let go of the illusion of control that I thought I had. I had strangely grown fond of, or at least relying on, the daily grind. The quest of figuring out things and aspects of business that were not natural or innate skills yet addressable because of my interest in solving problems and challenges.

I currently do not feel that. And not feeling that is strange to me.


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