it happened

I am so blessed. I appreciate how fortunate my life has been and I am. Every day.

Recently, “it” happened. While this was always part of the plan, since it happened, I feel very surreal.

What now?

I feel a sense of accomplishment. I feel a sense of contentment. I feel as though it’s time to explore other things. Things that fulfill me. Things that make me tick or at least fit with my internal rhythms.

I remember day one very clearly.

I remember the last day before the pandemic forced us to be remote very clearly.

I do not remember many of the days post pandemic until now.

Like I said, it’s very surreal.

For much of my professional career, and definitely during the past ~8 years, I have had an extreme drive and motivation. Ultimately the quest has been about taking care of my family and loved ones.

Now that it happened, I know that this quest has been fulfilled.

What now?

I’m sure I have more in the tank. I’m sure I have other contributions to help this world. Yet in this moment, I do not feel a calling.

think I need time and distance from it.

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