For the past several years, Christmas time arrives quicker than it seems like it should. Then it passes so quickly. For many in 2020, this was the most unusual of holidays for obvious reasons.

I’m grateful that I got to spend time with my family, especially my children. Yes, they are both adult aged now. Yet Christmas with them is important to me. It’s not about the gifts or the food. To me, it’s about the quality time. And as they continue to get older, the quality time opportunities with my kids is a lot more sacred and appreciated these days. Grant me the wisdom to realize this each and every day. The great irony of this, at least to me, is that I suddenly can imagine how my parents might feel more now than ever about their children.

It’s not about worrying about them, generally any way. It’s more about being a little bit excited and in wonderment about their future adventures and successes and failures. Knowing when to step in with an assist, when to offer some advice, and when to let it play out–even if doing so will result in a bit of a mess.

I am blessed with two awesome children who are amazing humans. That part makes me a little proud, even though this is something that each of them own 100%.


Disclaimer: These thoughts and words are my own and in no way, shape, or form represent the opinions, facts, and/or points of view of anyone or any organization but me.

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