Jon Speer, President

In 2006, Jon Speer founded Creo Quality to support life science start-ups with product development, project management, and operational needs. Jon has considerable experience in the medical device industry. Previously, he worked in quality management, product and business development capacities for Cook, Inc., Theron, Inc., and Maetrics, LLC, leading and managing multiple projects, taking concepts through development, regulatory submission, and to the market. Additional areas of expertise include: corporate product development processes, personnel distribution, and portfolio management; helping implement FDA-compliant quality system procedures for multiple start-up organizations; and facilitating business development activities, including lead generation and business expansion.

With headquarters in Central Indiana, CQ assists medical device companies, particularly start-up and smaller companies, with product development, FDA quality system regulations, and project management needs. Over the years, we have grown and evolved as experts in FDA design controls and FDA and regulatory submissions, such as 510(k) and CE technical files. With this expertise, we have earned a proven track record in taking medical device product ideas from concept to market. We also specialize in project management direction which includes setting the proper timelines and budgets in order to meet your goals.

CQ is prepared to be your foundation in the medical device industry. Our well-developed relationships within the industry allow us access to a solid association of life science resources, partners, and suppliers in Indiana that can help you reach your full potential. Review which CQ services can help you.