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Jon Speer has been in the medical device industry for over 16 years. In 2007, Jon started Creo Quality to help medical device companies with project management, quality systems, and regulatory submissions. As a result of his experience in the medical device industry, Jon had an idea to develop a software solution to improve how companies handles Design Controls. Because of this greenlight.guru was born. You can find him on Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Have you ever felt the feelings of being disconnected? Maybe from a loved one. Maybe from work. Maybe from yourself. I have. I do. Well, not disconnected in all areas. Or maybe ... not sure; kind of the topic that inspired me to bang away at my keyboard for a bit in a "stream of consciousness" writing exercise. For months now, I have had this feeling. It has been difficult for me to describe this feeling to others. I have been unsuccessful in finding the words that appropriately and accurately describe the feeling. Honestly, I think I just need to talk out loud to a loved one (I know who) in an out loud stream of consciousness about this too. I hope to do so sometime within the next day or two. And I am fortunate...

it happened

I am so blessed. I appreciate how fortunate my life has been and I am. Every day. Recently, "it" happened. While this was always part of the plan, since it happened, I feel very surreal. What now? I feel a sense of accomplishment. I feel a sense of contentment. I feel as though it's time to explore other things. Things that fulfill me. Things that make me tick or at least fit with my internal rhythms. I remember day one very clearly. I remember the last day before the pandemic forced us to be remote very clearly. I do not remember many of the days post pandemic until now. Like I said, it's very surreal. For much of my professional career, and definitely during the past ~8 years, I have had an extreme drive and motivation. Ultimately the quest has...

strange days

The last few months have been a bit strange for me. Strange days ... From The Doors:
Strange days have found us And through their strange hours We linger alone Bodies confused Memories misused As we run from the day To a strange night of stone
I don't know what the lyrics to that song meant to Jim Morrison. And I do feel the strange days in my world. And I do sort of know how this came to be. Once upon a time several years ago, I founded a software company. During the first few years, I wore many hats and roles as we busted ass to grow this company. As the company grew, some of the hats and roles changed. The "to do" list constantly grew. The needs to address seemed endless at times. Yet the time, effort, energy, blood, sweat, and...

white tesla

A few weeks back, I noticed something unique yet consistent each time I would venture out on a drive. A white Tesla. It started like this. One day I was driving when I noticed a white Tesla going the opposite direction. I recall my reaction as something like this: "Huh, a white Tesla." Okay, of course, Teslas are not new, and I have seen them plenty of times on the road before. I didn't think anything more about it. A few days later, I was driving again. Going the opposite direction once again was a white Tesla. At first I thought, well this must be the same time of day as when I saw the Tesla a few days prior. However, it was a different time of day on a completely different road. And each time I...

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