Smartphones are Stressful

Have you been feeling anxious lately?  Perhaps it is because you have been spending too much time texting.  I know it sounds hokey, but apparently it’s true.

Stress is a common factor of modern living and society. While most people learn how to deal with stress, new research indicates that smartphones are stressful because people appear to get caught up in compulsively checking for new messages, alerts and updates. In particular, a relationship was found between stress and the amount of times the phone was checked

Does this sound familiar? Here’s the crux of the problem:  We use our smartphones at work to make tasks easier and reduce stress, but then we feel stress to keep up with the virtual social life we have created in order to make our lives less stressful.  It’s a vicious circle.  Once again, another reason for me to keep my good, old fashioned cell phone.  While the rest of you are obsessively typing away on your smartphones, adding trauma and tension to your lives, I will remain relaxed and blissfully unaware.

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