Most Project Management Tools Suck

I recently read Steve Vinson’s post “I hate MS Project” and kind of have to agree. Here are a couple of my reasons:

  • It’s kind of expensive
  • I’ve never worked on a project where every team member had access to MS Project
  • Saving files as PDFs and other non-MS Project formats is kind of a pain
  • Incompatibility with previous versions of MS Project

A few years ago, I abandoned the use of MS Project as project management tool for CQ. Instead, I have usually resorted to MS Excel. Why? First and foremost, nearly everyone has Excel on their computers. And usually, it’s pretty simple. Templates of project tasks are easy enough to create and use over and over.

I recently learned of Smartsheet and have used it briefly. The price was reasonable so I purchased it for a year. Smartsheet is “in the cloud” and allowing others to view project tasks is pretty simple. It has a lot of good features of MS Project, which I should confess is a good tool. My issues with MS Project are listed above. Take those quirks away, and MS Project would be used by me for every project. It appears as though Smartsheet might have removed most of the quirks. I’ll keep you posted on my experience with it.

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