Medical Device Project Updates Buried in Emails

How many email messages do you get a day? I’m guessing your inbox is probably very similar to mine. I’m also guessing there is a very good chance that you have multiple email addresses. Are you good about email management? I used to think I was very good about this. However, the volume of emails these days is just crazy. I could literally spend the next few days just getting caught up on emails.

And I would totally make the current situation worse. Because how would I improve my current email backup? Likely respond with a follow up email message.


What’s worse than death by email? It’s getting updates on medical device projects via email. I try to flag, sort, and organize messages by project–and thankfully I have a ton of help with this task. Even following this method does not help.

I wish there was a better way to communicate project updates in some other, more efficient way other than email.

I don’t keep track of how many hours I spend per day sifting through emails to get project updates. But I’m guessing it’s easily 10+ hours. That’s significant! I’m losing one work day per week keeping caught up. It’s actually probably worse than that. I’m actually losing time during evenings and weekends. 🙁

Imagine if everyone on your project team also is dealing with similar time losses just trying to find and respond to emails regarding project issues. The hours lost by your medical device team can become pretty significant pretty quickly. It is very realistic that a project of any size is losing the equivalent of a full time resource per week (4 team members losing 10 hours each = 40 hours).

If you could recover 40 hours per week on your project team, what could you do with this extra time?

What choices do you have? How can you flip this time loss issue around in your favor?


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