Medical Device Companies Should Embrace Complaints

Complaint handling seems to be an issue with medical device companies. I’ve seen a few examples in recent years where the company’s approach is less than stellar. In fact, it seems as though some companies just try to disguise complaints altogether. They will do all the work to correct the issue, but for whatever reason, are reluctant to label these events as complaints. And I’m not sure why. Okay, I guess I am sure why. There is an assumption that complaints require lots of work and documentation. Sure, complaints require thorough investigation. And why wouldn’t you want to do this? It involves your products and your reputation.

There is one client I’ve been working with who could actually be the poster child for how to properly investigate complaints. The entire team is committed to investigating product deficiency claims. The company embraces complaints as opportunities to learn more about their products and as chances for improvements. While their complaint processes and documentation are not fully optimized, the personnel working on complaints are diligent about the investigation, root cause determination, testing, communication, and timely closure of complaints.

I just wish more medical device companies would embrace complaint handling in the same way. I wish all of my clients realized that complaints are opportunities for improvement.

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