Medical Device CEOs Should Stay Out of Limbo

A medical device CEO should establish a sound business strategy and communicate the vision for their organization (yes, this is true of any CEO). Being strategic, establishing a clear vision, and communicating throughout the organization is tough. And from my experience, very few medical device CEOs have this ability. Most medical device CEOs operate in a state of limbo.

We have experienced this first hand with a couple of clients. In one particular case, the CEO was highly critical of third party vendors on meeting timeline, deliverables, and expectations. However, he did not provide the same sort of vigor with internal resources and employees. The CEO was being very wishy washy. Saying one thing, yet often doing another.

This sent mixed messages. The employees seemed to have a free ride and were seldom held accountable for their actions (or lack thereof). Yet, he would be quick to bash third party resources, such as contract manufacturers, for their lack of actions.

Interestingly, the contract manufacturer was dealing with a medical device design that the CEO was involved with several years ago. And now the CEO seemed to have memory loss about this. He was suddenly very critical of the design of the device–a design that he signed off on once upon a time.

This CEO operates in limbo and confuses everyone involved with his medical device company.

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