Is Launching A “Me Too” Medical Device Within A Year Realistic?

If you ask an engineer whether or not something can be done, I’ve found that most will provide you with an optimistic response. You usually get an unequivocal “yes, that seems feasible”. And what the engineer fails to provide and you fail to hear is that there is not an infinite amount of money and resources at your disposal to make it happen. But you trek on anyway, believing, or probably better stated wanting to believe what you want to have happen (and likely what your boss expects).

When I was approached by a startup medical device client last winter, I was asked if it would be possible to launch a “me too” medical device within a year. Before answering the question (yes, I’ve been that optimistic engineer), I did give the suggestion a great deal of thought. I also chimed in with quite a few follow-up questions. Satisfied with the answers, I too had mine. Yes, it seemed very probable that we could bring a “me too” medical device to market within a year. And I was sincere.

Now we are about 6 months in. That year target is still within reach, despite all kinds of twists, turns, bumps, obstacles, roadblocks, etc. But the next few weeks will be the telling factor. We have to hit a CRITICAL July milestone to have any hope.

So I’ll push like crazy to make it happen.

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