I’m Thankful

Thanksgiving is this week! 2009 is flying by. I love Thanksgiving, mainly because I’m a glutton for turkey, sweet potatoes, dressing, etc. I consider myself VERY forunate.

Besides the food, I do take quite a bit of time to reflect on all the things I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving (I try to do this every day). Here is a short list:

  • My family. I love my kids and my wife. I’m thankful we are all healthy.
  • Life. My family lives fairly modestly but comfortably. We are fortunate to have a great home, good transportation, friends, and other family.
  • Business. 2009 has been a banner year for Creo Quality. I’m blessed to have such great clients, a great business partner, and a great network.

It’s easy to think about how thankful you are during Thanksgiving. Take a few moments to consider those less fortunate than you. Consider taking some action to help.

Take part in the Epic Change & TweetsGiving 2009. Attend the IndyTweetsGiving “tweetup” on November 24, 2009 at Scotty’s Brewhouse downtown from 5-9pm. Scotty’s will be donating 10% of Tuesday night sales to the cause. Donate anytime to the cause. If you are on Twitter, use #indytweetup, #indytweetsgiving, and #tweetsgiving hashtags when tweeting things you are thankful for during the next few days.

Why is this being done? Tweetsgiving 2009 will go partly to create a dormitory/orphanage, library, school, cafeteria and additional classrooms are needed in partnership with Kamptoni in Tanzania.  The other portion will go towards funded future change makers and social entrepreneurs in less fortunate conditions.  The second way to participate is to donate.  Donations can be made online, or in cash form on Tuesday at the #indytweetup at Scotty’s downtown.

Check out others who are promoting these events and posting blogs on things they are thankful for:

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