Enterprise Software for Medical Device Industry

Many of you likely know about my current venture with greenlight.guru. For those of you who don’t, we are developing a software solution to help medical device companies to better manage Design Controls. greenlight.guru is a targeted solution designed specifically for the medical device industry. We are maintaining laser focus to solve real issues and struggles the medical device industry has with specific tools designed for a specific purpose.

As part of market research for our new venture, and just for general education purposes, I have been paying attention to all the “medical device” software solutions already on the market. But interestingly, as you dive a little deeper and start to understand the software options available, very few of the solutions have truly been designed for the medical device industry. In fact, it seems as though most have been designed with other markets in mind but realized if they add medical device industry, this will allow them to gain market opportunities.

And I suppose that’s smart. I also realize for many of the problems these other software solutions claim to solve, there likely is little that is unique and proprietary to medical device to prevent the software from making a difference.

I guess my bigger struggle is this. These enterprise solutions all make the claim that a medical device company can have all their data feed into these behemoth systems to aggregate, store, and communicate the data. While this sounds very promising, I have seen countless cases where the solutions chosen, which by the way made the same gregarious claims, actually made the situation worse. The companies who seem hungriest for a quick fix in the form of enterprise software often have much bigger issues and come to the conclusion that implementing software will make their company suddenly better.

The trouble is that enterprise or software of any kind will only work if the company actually has a solid, mapped out process first. And herein lies the issue. The enterprise software companies have laced in work flows and “process” into their solutions. However, the companies they sell to do not have work flows and processes in place that work as well as they should. And putting software with built in work flows now means the medical device company will need to change their process in order to follow what is dictated by the software.

How do people like change? They hate it.

You make it change adoption worse by forcing your employees to follow and use these enterprise solutions without proper implementation and training.

Don’t mishear me. I’m not necessarily poo poo-ing the enterprise software solutions. Rather, I’m being more critical about how these enterprise “solutions” are nonchalantly put in place.

I mean, these software solutions are crazy big with functionality and capability you will likely never be able to fully use or understand. Imagine the control panel of a the space shuttle. Enterprise software is very similar. Complicated.

Complicated software becomes painful when companies do not take the proper time and effort to ensure smooth transition and implementation. Companies never spend the time and effort truly necessary to properly train you on this new enterprise solution that will solve all their problems.

They fail to think about the new problems that are created when they put this into place.


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