CQ Connects Raven Engineering With An Opportunity

At Creo Quality, we pride ourselves on connecting throughout the community – connections between CQ and others and also being able to connect third parties in hopes of creating successful relationships for others and their businesses. Read what Stan Garus, owner of Raven Engineering had to say about how we made a connection for him:

“I met Jon of Creo Quality on Twitter, and shortly after he invited me to a networking meeting. We met again to discuss an opportunity of him recommending me to his contacts and me recommending him to mine. What surprised me about Jon was how quickly he grabbed the essence of my experience and my expertise. He conveyed his observations to the owner of Medical Polymers (based in Spencer, IN), that when she interviewed me for a contract job it was all about conversation and chemistry. Before she met me she knew me from my website and from Jon’s suggestion about how I could help. She just needed to find out if there was a connection. She trusted implicitly Jon’s judgment and she offered me a long-term engineering job. Now, two months later, not only is the owner happy with her choice, but I am very happy with opportunity to quote new products, build prototypes and build leak testing equipment. This couldn’t have happened without Jon’s recommendation.” (August 24, 2009)

Making connections is important to us. It’s not about how you can help our bottomline but how we can help your bottomline through making connections and having genuine concern for your business’ outcome.

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