But My Project Team Won’t Talk to Me

Last week I was told by a project team member that I would receive a certain work product by yesterday. It didn’t happen.

Friday, I was told by a team member that some minor updates were necessary and be ready by the end of the day. It didn’t happen.

Yesterday, I called each individual team member to get status updates on their specific tasks. I got to talk to each person’s voice mail.

I followed up with email messages. No responses.

I spent most of the day in a grumpy / frantic mood. Why was I not getting updates? Why were commitments made and not kept?

Okay, this is not the first project I’ve managed. While the statements listed above are all true tales, none of these are unusual. In fact, each of these scenarios is very common for every project and will most definitely repeat themselves again on this one. Despite my best attempts otherwise.

So I just keep at it. I did get a phone call update around 5:00pm last night from one resource and spoke to a second around 8:00pm. Not the responses I wanted in either case, but at least communication was happening.

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