A New Way to Market Your Medical Device

Did you ever consider marketing your medical device through social media?  I recently discovered a new social media site called Pinterest that may be the perfect site for such a venture.

The picture-driven Pinterest made Internet history recently by rocketing to 10 million subscribers in just under two years, and has already surpassed all of the original four except for Twitter for referral traffic. The majority of users are early adopters of social media, women in their 20s and 30s who are sharing pictures in categories ranging from beauty and fitness to science and nature.

Users can upload images directly to a particular “board” or use a toolbar widget to “pin” an image from a blog post or web page. The software automatically imbeds a link in the image, making it easy to find that recipe, pair of shoes, or information again. Although there is a considerable retail component to Pinterest through links, there could be room for much more than that. Users can follow a board, repin images to their own collections and like individual pins.

Stephanie Baum suggests that the following Pinterest categories might be useful to medical device manufacturers: Boosting morale, The art of medicine, Lay a foundation for the future, Health education, Referrals, Motivate and inspire, The quantified self, Disease state categories.  Medical device companies can use photos to show their history and how far they have come, or they could show their devices and how they can be used in therapies to improve your health. Several hospitals already post on Pintrest and show motivational pictures of their success stories or images of their medical teams so that patients can become more familiar with them.

Even if you don’t decide to use it as a marketing tool, Pintrest is definitely worth checking out.  I was on there today and learned that vinegar can be used instead of Roundup as an eco-friendly alternative to killing weeds.  If the pictures are any indication, from now on my garden will be smelling like pickles instead of nasty hazardous chemicals.

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