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Medical Device Startups (Interview with Tiger Buford)

In my quest to understand product development, I thought I would start at the beginning, literally, with startups. I recently did an interview with Tiger Buford. Tiger has over 25 years of medical device product development experience.  What makes a startup successful? Lise, this is a big question, but I'll give it a try. There are many many ingredients to a successful Medtech startup. It's like a complicated gourmet dish. If any one ingredient is wrong it will bring the entire meal down.  From my experience, all of the successful startups have practiced some or all of these principles:
  • Focus, focus, focus on the unmet clinical need that you are trying to bring a unique solution to.  Regularly test the market to make sure that your technical solution solves the unmet need.  Taking your eye...

Ways to Make Medical Device Product Development Great

Through the course of networking, I've had the opportunity to meet and work with some great medical device product development practitioners. One of these individuals is Tiger Buford. Tiger has over 25 years of medical device product development with special expertise in orthopedics. Tiger publishes a blog called OrthoStreams and is ramping up on a new venture called OrthoJump. I especially enjoyed a recent post on OrthoStreams title "10 Sure-Fire Formulas for Great Product Development". Some of the rules included in the post are:
  • Match team strength to project complexity
  • Go deep with project definition and planning
  • Fail fast and cheaply
There are 7 more rules listed in the post, along with details explaining the rationale for each. Be sure to check it out....

Orthopedics Start-Ups Winners & Losers in 2009

From Orthostream: Here is a list of orthopedic start-ups receiving funding so far in 2009. Here is a list of orthopedic "losers" so far in 2009. A little more about Tiger Buford and Orthostream: Tiger Buford is a business-focused technology leader in the Orthopaedic device industry. He currently serves as Vice President of Research and Development at NovaLign Orthopaedics, Inc. an early-stage company developing a new system of implants and instruments for the treatment of long bone fractures, including the humerus, tibia and femur. http://www.novalign.com/...