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When Do You Need to Patent?

  In our last blog in the Building the Business Case series, we talked about the importance of patents.  I came across the following article in mddionline about patenting for early–stage medtech companies and thought it explained the concept of patents well. John Baskin states that “Although the costs of obtaining patents can be prohibitive for start-ups, obtaining patent protection is generally necessary as a business tool.” “Intellectual property (IP) in the form of patents and patent applications often comprises a core asset for start-up companies, particularly those in the medical device and biotechnology industries. These assets may provide the basis for valuations underlying early-equity investments, leverage in negotiations with strategic partners, or ultimately lead to a successful exit for a company. Obtaining solid patent protection is often expensive and can...

Who Are Your Competitors and How do You Protect Your Ideas From Them?- The Final Steps to Building The Business Case

This is the final installment of our Building The Business Case series.  We have been looking at the questions entrepreneurs need to ask themselves in order to Build a Business Case. What are the competitive products / technologies / services currently available?: It’s not enough to just design a great product; you also need to be aware of what other products are out there.  Take the time to do the research to see what other people are already offering.  Sure, the new shampoo you developed smells great and makes your hair soft, but were you aware that there are also 500+ other brands of shampoo out there that do the same thing? Why is your product / technology / service better than competitive products?: Once you discover what the other products are,...

August 25, 2010 – FDA Bootcamp

FDA Boot Camp

Sponsor: ACI Web Site: http://www.americanconference.com August 25, 2010 - Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, CA ACI’s FDA Boot Camp - the industry standard in providing non-regulatory professionals with a regulatory background - has been designed to give products or patent litigators, a strong working knowledge of core FDA regulatory competencies. Contact: customercare@americanconference.com 212-352-3220
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March 9, 2010 – IBEN: Intellectual Property

IBEN: Intellectual Property

Where: Riley Outpatient Center (Directions) When: 2/9/2010 at 5pm Postponed due to the Winter Storm Warning: STAY SAFE!!! Come join us for an opportunity to ask your questions about Intellectual Property and startup companies. Gain advice from a panel of experts whether you are currently in the patent process or considering making public disclosures including publishing your research. Cost is free, but registration is required. Speaker(s): Dustin DuBois, Partner, Ice Miller's Business Practice Group Mark Reichel, Associate, Ice Miller's IP Practice Group Moderator(s): Tom Walsh, Partner & Chair of Ice Miller's IP Group
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