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By The Time I’m 40

Yes, I shared in an earlier post that I currently invest time with inventors and entrepreneurs. But by the time I'm 40, I want to be in a position to where I can invest meaningful capital in startups. I have about 2.5 years to achieve this big hairy audacious goal. How am I going to make this happen? My plan is multi-faceted:
  • Continue to invest time in early-stage ventures. Why? The assumption is that a few of these ventures will one day receive funding to pursue product development. Once this happens, CQ should be in a position to continue providing consulting support and be compensated, maybe even with equity opportunities. And maybe, just maybe, one of these funded ventures will have an exit and the resulting equity will have...

Medical Device Accelerator in Memphis, TN

The medical device industry has several geographic pockets. Memphis, TN is one of these, especially in orthopedics. I recently read about this medical device accelerator located in Memphis called ZeroTo510. They seem to have all the key pieces for a medical device concept to get off the starting blocks. Part incubator, part educator, part investor, part mentor. The program is geared towards helping medical device inventors and entrepreneurs get to a FDA 510(k) submission, while providing guidance and direction along the way While I have no idea how successful this program has been, the model is very intriguing. So much so that I wonder if something like this could be piloted in central Indiana....

State of Venture Capital (recap of Venture Club)

I had the opportunity to attend last week's Venture Capital Update at the Venture Club of Indiana. The panelists were Don Aquilano (Allos Ventures), John Diekman (5AM Ventures), and Rob Smith (Petra Capital). Of the venture firms represented, only Dr. Diekman's 5AM Ventures is active in the life sciences sector. I jotted a few notes and comments that I found interesting during the Venture Club meeting.
  • Concerns about life science sector in large part because of the increasing regulations.
  • VCs are having a hard time raising money right now. And that this is a very good market for venture investments.
  • Investor pitches should be interactive, conversational. Entrepreneurs should be good listeners too. Body language very important.
  • Is Indiana still a flyover state regarding venture investing? It shouldn't be. Great universities,...

September 1, 2011 – Venture Club of Indiana

        Luncheon Notice

Venture Club of Indiana Luncheon September 1, 2011

"Venture Club features Five Innovation Showcase Companies"
featuring Joel Curts, CEO, Daily Lunch Deal Chris Fennig, Managing Director, MyFarms LLC Crystal Grave, President & CEO, Snappening, LLC Kristen Nunery, CEO,