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The Medical Device Industry in Memphis is Moving Mountains

According to the Greater Memphis Chamber more than 70,000 people work in the life science industry in the Memphis area.  However, most of the local residents aren’t even aware of the bounty of technical jobs that exist there.  Some in the industry are hoping to change that.  “Many of the students don't necessarily know what kinds of careers are ahead for them if they focus on math and science in middle and high school”, said the Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering’s executive director, Harold Wingood.  But its mentoring program with Memphis medical device maker Smith & Nephew is helping to light the way. “It's not just engineers that make the bioscience sector move,” said Gibson "Sunny" Morris with the Mid-South Community College's Arkansas Delta Training & Education Consortium.  "You can...

Is It Better to be On Your Own or in a Conglomerate?

I came across an interesting short blurb written by Maria Fontonazza entitled “How to Succeed in an Emerging Market” in which she lists what types of markets a medical device company needs in order to be successful.  She lists things we have talked about many times on our blog:
  •  A trained workforce.
  • Engineering skill that is supported by strong universities.
  • Access to risk capital.
  • A strong clinical and physician network.
What I found especially interesting was the fact that that she mentioned one of the challenges to gaining ground in some emerging markets is the cultural stigma around failing. She quotes Glen Giovannetti, Ernst & Young's global life sciences center leader (Boston) who says, “It impedes entrepreneurship because it takes a bold person to leave an academic or corporate job at a successful company and take...

Indiana’s Life Sciences are Progressing and Growing

BioCrossroads recently did a report that tracked the progress of Indiana’s life sciences. The results indicate “a decade of substantial growth and measurable progress across a wide range of nationally significant indicators”. For example, the report notes that by 2009, Indiana's life sciences exports totaled $7.4 billion, ranking the third highest in the United States, behind only California and Texas.  The state has the third highest life sciences employment concentration* nationally, and has seen a 21% increase in life sciences employment, adding more than 8,800 new jobs to the industry since 2002. More than 50,000 workers at 825 companies comprise four life sciences sub-sectors: medical devices and equipment, drugs and pharmaceuticals, research, testing and medical laboratories, and agricultural feedstock and chemicals.  Indiana's health information technology sector contributes an additional 2,500 workers...

South Africa Goes Mobile

In South Africa, there is no shortage of diversity. Immigrants, natives, city-dwellers and tribal members share a landscape that ranges from cosmopolitan to provincial. However, even in rural areas where basic infrastructure may be lacking, people can now stay connected to family and keep up on global events through their cellphones. Thus, the mobile technology boom has led to a leap-frog effect on communication. Now, taking advantage of this mobile infrastructure, South Africa has started to roll out a series of new projects aimed at improving access and lessening the burden on the health system.
  • Cell-life, a project involved with the government’s HIV testing campaign, using donated phones
  • eThekwini – a S. African Dept of Health endeavor to use cellphones in the monitoring and management of Tuberculosis patients
  • Patient data collection via cellphone by...