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Bloomington, IN Medical Device Startup Using Video Game Technology for Rehab

WellPlay Health, LLC, a start-up based in Bloomington (IN), seeking to change how patients and therapists work together during rehabilitation by providing a more engaging, collaborative, and user-centered solutions intended to maximize the patient’s recovery.  The company is currently developing WellPlay: Rehab, an online platform featuring tele-health tools and games designed to achieve therapy outcomes for physical and cognitive functioning. This platform represents a significant innovation in tele-rehabilitation and the use of game technology. While there are several health conditions that will ultimately benefit from WellPlay: Rehab, the initial application of this technology will be in brain injury rehabilitation (i.e., stroke and traumatic brain injury). This innovative platform utilizes expertise in game design, rehabilitation therapy, motion detection technologies, tele-health strategies, and social support tools to create a unique environment for supporting...

Medical Device Networking Survey

We are conducting a survey on the topic of medical device networking. If you are interested in participating, please take a few minutes to fill out the brief survey. Results from this survey will be shared on the CQ blog soon. The purposes of this survey are:
  • We believe networking events have gotten away from relationship building
  • We believe networking events should be more about making meaningful connections
  • We want to get feedback from you on what events you prefer, including structure, time, content, location, etc.
  • We will take what we learn and consider hosting events that better suit your needs
Thanks for your assistance....

CQ Has Roots in Bloomington Life Sciences

So maybe you read the articles in The Herald Times about Bloomington, IN tribulations with the life sciences industry. While our finger isn't quite on Bloomington's pulse, Creo Quality has been paying attention. Both Scott and I have roots and connections in the Bloomington area. I spent seven years of my career working for one of the large medical device companies in Bloomington. Scott now calls the area home. The companies that are the pillars of Bloomington are in the life science industry. A generation ago, though, this was not the case. Large industrial manufacturing facilities employed thousands in this community. People from surrounding counties and towns flocked to Bloomington for decent, high paying jobs. Most of these companies have shut down their Bloomington operations, leaving the life sciences companies to save the...

A few simple truths about Bloomington life sciences

The original article was posted in The Herald Times, but below are a few points that we found important to touch upon. To read the full article, click here. A few simple truths about life sciences in Bloomington:
  1. Individuals like Bill Cook shaped “life sciences” in Btown before anybody crafted the term.
  2. Bloomington was an early adopter, but is no longer alone and competition is growing.
  3. Manufacturing lines need more workers who are qualified.
  4. New laboratories need researchers today.
  5. The small life sciences companies need more capital ASAP.
The problem is that changes are not being made fast enough... “It is not something that we can do overnight,” said Danise Alano, director of life sciences at City Hall. “But we are in this together to make this cluster as strong as it can be.” Read More