A few simple truths about Bloomington life sciences

The original article was posted in The Herald Times, but below are a few points that we found important to touch upon. To read the full article, click here.

A few simple truths about life sciences in Bloomington:

  1. Individuals like Bill Cook shaped “life sciences” in Btown before anybody crafted the term.
  2. Bloomington was an early adopter, but is no longer alone and competition is growing.
  3. Manufacturing lines need more workers who are qualified.
  4. New laboratories need researchers today.
  5. The small life sciences companies need more capital ASAP.

The problem is that changes are not being made fast enough…

“It is not something that we can do overnight,” said Danise Alano, director of life sciences at City Hall. “But we are in this together to make this cluster as strong as it can be.”

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