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Hang In There – Project Management Lessons from the Trenches

I saw red the other day during a disagreement with a supplier we are working with on a product development project. It happened during a discussion about a design issue for a medical device product. Without going into too much depth, the supplier has been tasked with fixing a design flaw in the device. A couple months ago, the supplier had quite a few more tasks assigned to them as well. But as the project manager, I observed the supplier not being able to manage the volume of tasks. I decided to take most of the tasks away from the supplier and added them to our plate instead. Not a big deal. In fact in probably made the most sense for the client any way. Doing so allowed the supplier to have...

You Should Have a Back Up Plan for the Back Up Plan

A few days ago, I powered on my laptop to start the day. I stepped away to grab some coffee while the computer went through its startup sequence. When I returned to my desk, I noticed the lights were on but the screen was dark. I did some trouble shooting, including connecting the laptop to an external monitor. The computer seemed to be okay. The screen not so much. I did an internet search on a second computer and found out that I probably had a dead screen. I called the technical support for my computer manufacturer. They said I would need to send it in and it might take up to 10 days. Ugh. I decided to check out the big name computer repair resource. Same story. But I needed my laptop....

Staying Connected and Finding Resources Is Perpetual

Creo Quality has been in existence now for over seven years. Prior to starting this venture and for a couple years after, I spent a great deal of time networking and meeting people and companies whom I could assist and might assist CQ clients. I attended quite a few medical device and life science events in and around the region. I had quite a few phone conversations, coffee discussions, and lunch meetings during those years. My objective was to establish the most comprehensive network of medical device service providers in the Midwest. Some of the outcomes of these networking efforts include the establishment of ASQ Biomedical Midwest Discussion Group and the creation of the network organization INpact--of which I've had the honor to lead both of these organizations....

Building A Culture of Continuous Improvement

Sometimes we work with companies who are pretty set in their ways. And unfortunately, many times these ways are not 100% up to regulatory expectations. Usually, though, when a client hires us, they realize there are things they need to improve. Things they need to do differently. This is why they hire Creo Quality. We've probably all gone through the "5 stages of grief" at some point in our personal life:
  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance
Interestingly, it seems as though many of our client engagements also go through these 5 stages too. Our objective is to get to acceptance as quickly as possible. However, I think it is very important to give each of the other stages their time too. Let me explain a little more. Client calls CQ and says they need help ensuring their quality system meets...