Low-Cost Medical Device Design

There appears to be an interesting, albeit still somewhat small, movement happening in the medical device industry. There are a few organizations emerging focusing on simple medical device design to solve real problems in under-served markets. We wrote about Jose Gomez-Marquez and the Little Devices Group finding low-cost solutions leveraging existing products and technologies to solve real medical problems.

I recently discovered another similar group called Shift Labs. Their mission is to make low-cost medical devices to help improve healthcare in low resource settings. I was especially intrigued by the low-cost drip clip device designed and prototyped by the Shift Labs team.  I’m also intrigued by this project because it appears as though they leveraged crowdfunding to fund some of their product development efforts.

And I think the Little Devices Group and Shift Labs are onto something. Not only for medical device product development for low resource markets. But also right here in the United States. With all the recent developments in this country, including increased regulation, medical device taxes, increasing cost of healthcare, and tighter investment funding, I think we will begin to see other organizations emerge and mimic the low-cost device and product development approach. I think we’ll see other inventors and entrepreneurs of medical device technologies leverage crowdfunding models to fund their efforts.

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