I’m Your New Doctor . . .

. . . but I haven’t been to medical school. Okay, maybe this couldn’t happen.

However, I was recently introduced to someone who has been put in a somewhat specialized position but doesn’t have any experience in the field. It’s a little disturbing to me. Let me give you an example. Let’s say CQ decides to hire a new project manager, and the person we hire has little to no project management experience. Do you think it’s going to work?

What if we told our new project manager to read a couple books and meet Joe, an experienced project manager, for coffee sometime. Joe is really good; I’m sure picking his brain between sips of java will be all this person needs to get going. Do you think this will help our new project manager?

Neither do I. This is why this scenario is a bit of a head-scratcher for me. Why in the world would a company hire someone to fill a position who has no experience in this field?

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