I Can’t Do This Without A Tomatofish

I’ve been in a bit of a funk the past few days. It happens. Getting out of the funk is always the hardest. Will it take 1 day or 5?

After about 3 days, I’m emerging. This time, though, required a bit of a catalyst. Thank you Brooke DeRam!

I’ve probably blogged about Brooke and her company Tomato Fish Marketing in the past. I know I haven’t publicly given TFM enough credit.

Let me go back to the first meeting I had with Brooke. It was over 2 years ago. Our first meeting was more networking than anything else. Creo Quality needed marketing help and Tomato Fish Marketing provided marketing solutions. Business needs were compatible. But the relationship evolved. Brooke’s approach and style is part coach, part mentor, part sales, part business owner, part partner, and part friend. And her approach is always exactly what we need exactly when we need it.

Without a Tomato Fish Marketing and a Brooke DeRam, I couldn’t do this. I would have hung it up long ago. I like to think that Brooke and I have established a special, unique relationship because of our business interactions. I’m sure we have. But I can tell you that Brooke and TFM pour their heart and soul and passion into every one of their clients. And when you have someone fighting for you and your cause with such passion and fervor, it’s damned encouraging and powerful.

Brooke – Thank you for all the things you do–especially the little things that I fail to acknowledge. Without your marketing wisdom and guidance, Creo Quality would not be any where close to the current situation.

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