Biotechnology Network In San Diego

A new biotechnology network is gaining momentum in San Diego. The network is the San Diego Biotechnology Network (SDBN). Clearly, San Diego is a biotech hotbed, and I’m sure this networking will continue to strengthen this. To quote the article:

“. . . the SDBN, combining the power of online networking, allowing people to easily connect, with casual events which allow people to interact and build stronger relationships. Part of the strategy is also to foster networking at each event by holding casual get-togethers with a high percentage of scientists in attendance. In addition, a new or exciting company will be featured at each event, allowing the community to learn more about the technology and team behind it, as well as to help the company gain exposure and meet prospective employees.”

In fact, our recent efforts with INpact have similar motives to SDBN. From my own recent experiences, networking is a very powerful and effective way to grow businesses and make a community stronger. We plan to do just that in Indiana (and beyond) with small medical device companies with INpact.

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